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Alibaba connects crystal and cashmere businesses 

HANGZHOU – On May 28th in Hangzhou, STYLE-VISION ASIA participated to the event “Crystallized Cashmere” organized by the B2B platform Alibaba, Swarovki Elements, the magazine Fashion Shop as well as cashmere brands and association Snow Lotus and NCQIC. The purpose of this event was to announce the launch of Swarovski elements B2B platform on Alibaba. Fashion brands, garment manufacturers will now find online crystal components and creative ideas to adorn their creations.


Mr. Hermann Winckler, general manager of Swarovki Elements reminded that “digital is becoming the norm” and this reshapes entirely the distribution and supply chain of the fashion industry. The new one-stop online boutique of Swarovski on Alibaba went live after flashing a black crystalized QR code specially created for the occasion. The platform will serve thousands of small and medium Chinese businesses to trade up their products. Indeed, it seems to be worthwhile! According to Swarovski surveys consumers are likely to pay a 51% premium on products decorated with crystal elements.


Ms. Marsha Ma, Merchandising general manager of Alibaba shared the newest developments of Alibaba and its sister B2C companies Taobao and Tmall to support the new Consumer-to-Business (C2B) transactions as well as the other types of trades between consumers and business C2C, B2B and B2C collectively coined as CBBS.



Finally, Ms. Genevieve Flaven from STYLE-VISION ASIA presented two luxury trends relevant for the Cashmere industry.


The first trend called “absolute” luxury reflects the thirst of “true” luxury among savvier Chinese consumers. Cashmere brands should thus express the beauty of cashmere through fashion or interiors applications and reveal their craftsmanship deeply rooted into Mongolian traditions to seduce them.



The second trend called “affordable” luxury relates to the appetite of “entry” luxury among the new generation of luxury enthusiasts. Cashmere brands should create more accessible cashmere products or cooperate with fashion designers to better connect with new consumers coming to age.


Genevieve Flaven

CEO of Style-Vision Asia




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