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Mood Theory


The Mood Consumption theory is a proprietary methodology created in 2002 by Style-Vision to anticipate consumer attitudes and design innovations.

“The wise adapt themselves to circumstances, as water moulds itself to the pitcher”


Societies are changing. People are changing. Welcome to the mood consumers!

In both mature and new economies, consumers are getting more versatile, mature and well-informed. They are willing to buy increasingly personalized products and services to express their individual tastes and personality. They are called the mood consumers.



Understanding mood consumers require new marketing techniques.

For brands and retailers, it is becoming harder to anticipate their needs and tastes, engage them and ultimately to keep them loyal. Consumer attitudes are less and less driven by traditional demographics such as age, gender or income. Consumer behaviours are becoming increasingly fragmented and fast moving. For companies, this is a great challenge! To handle this, they need to use a new approach more adapted to these new market circumstances.



The Mood Consumption theory

The Mood Consumption theory enables to observe, explain and anticipate how people react depending upon their mood and the situation. As the name Mood indicates, it is a flexible segmentation model where people can change moods in different situations.


In today’s landscape, companies will benefit from using such a tool that combines psychological profiling, sensorial preferences and communication patterns.

Applying the Mood Consumption model will help brands and retailers to find new ideas of for innovative products and creative branding better and faster than competitors.


If you are interested by the theory and its applications, you can check your mood on the website www.moodcheck.com and contact us to receive documentation (fill the form below). 


Please send me an introduction to the Mood Theory.

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