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Insight Shanghai 2010



Insight Shanghai

City: Shanghai

Date: December 2nd -3rd, 2010

Venue: New Bridge 8

Other editions: Insight Shanghai took place in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011

A Chinese Youth

The 2010 edition of Insight Shanghai conference and workshop took place on December 2nd -3rd, 20120 at New Bridge 8 in Shanghai with participants like Ford Motor Company, Schwan Co, Nanjin University Of Art, Hyundai-Kia, Shanghai Mankiewicz Innovative Coatings Co.,Ltd, Mazda, Yanfeng Visteon, Loreal, China Telecom, PSA, Decathlon, Dow Corning, Haier, Ou Lin, Li Ning, Nokia and PATAC.

In 2010, China was definitively richer but its high-speed modernization also created greater complexity and new challenges.

In less than a decade, Chinese people have faced unprecedented changes in their lives. They experienced massive rural migration and frantic urbanization. They achieved higher education level and received higher income. They got more diversified jobs, lived in larger apartments, and bought more cars.

In this context, Chinese youngsters take the lead. Conformist and activist, the Me-generation mirrors new social norms while bringing new ideas and energy to future changes in society, commerce and culture as well.

Our mission during these two days was to understand the dreams and expectations of the younger generation dreams and, thus, to define the business innovations that will engage them. 



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