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Insight India 2008


Insight India

City: Mumbai

Date: November 4th-5th 2008

Venue: Industrial Design Centre, Institute of Information Technology

Other editions: Insight India took place in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. 

After Mumbai, London and Copenhagen, the 4th edition of Insight India took place in Mumbai on November 4th-5th 2008. A two day round table dedicated to Trend and Design strategy for India, Insight India 2008 was hosted by the Industrial Design Centre located at Powai on the green campus of the Institute of Information Technology. The conference and workshop gathered design, trend and marketing experts and academics as well as creative managers from leading international and India groups such as Asian Paints, Crompton Greaves (Appliances), Nokia, Ganjam (Jewelry), LG, HCL (Appliances), or Ruby Mills (Fabric).

The following themes were particularly discussed during the event.

A country of Non-Resident Villagers.

Every Indian is rooted in a village or a small town and rural India still represents around 70% of the total population.

Small changes make the difference

Respect for Mother Nature is deeply rooted in Indian mentalities. Reusing materials and objects remains a reflex for most Indians but consumerism changes these habits.

Affordable luxury and personalization

The Indian consumers, especially the younger generation, are looking for new ways to express themselves. They want valuable luxury experience at an affordable price and crave for personalization.

Searching for India design identity.

India ‘produces’ 400 000 engineers and only 1000 designers per year. The Indian design community is emerging; its identity is in progress.













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