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Snapshots on China Beauty Expo(CBE) 2016

The new face of Asian beauty, a report from China Beauty Expo 2016——

The 21st edition of China Beauty Expo took place on May 18-20, 2016 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre Shanghai.  A yearly meeting for the beauty brands and cosmetics suppliers from Asia and overseas , it provides a comprehensive overview on the latest developments of the booming Asian beauty market.

Here are a few snapshots coined by our reporter:

The “K” factor

In 2012, women from the western world, discovered for the first time the BB and CC creams from South Korea. Today, products from Korean and Japanese brands are popping up every day and they brand Asian beauty to the world. Amazon recently opened a special section of Korean cosmetic products while Korean brands like Peach & Lily or Glow Recipe are following the paths opened by their predecessors such Etude House, Missha, Nature Republic, Skin Food, Sulhwasoo or The Face Shop.

Playfulness and refinement

The complexity of the Asia beauty routine – purifying, moistening, protecting, perfecting and ….reset – as well as the mélange of playfulness and traditions is an endless source of inspiration for marketers and designers. As Fei Xu, Director of the market intelligence agency “Information & Inspiration” coined it, “Asian cosmetics are attractive because they are altogether multisensorial and healthy, convenient and pleasure-giving”.

Double cleansing

Already adopted by 81% of the Japanese women, the double cleansing ritual is gaining momentum in the West, with brands developing their own cleansing solutions such as the cleaning gelée of Ole Henriksen.


Applications tools

Brushes, sponges, blenders, vibrating tools or syringes are increasingly combined with beauty products to let consumer play and apply. The Korean brand OOZOO is developing advanced sheet mask with syringe for the consumer to dose their own blend.


Cushion mania

The boom of cushion packaging that combines sunscreen, make-up base and foundation is now expanding to other categories of product such as make-up or lip products.


Chinese medicine

The holistic approach of beauty and the ingredients inspired by the traditional Chinese medicine are stimulating the creation of products.  As Young Ho Son, chief designer of OUTIN FUTURES presented the Koran brand ALLVIT that recently developed a product based on rice fermentation while the brand DONGIBI designed a line of products based on 6 year old red ginger roots.


What’s next ?

Asian cosmetics brands are constantly exploring new territories and their creativity seems to have no limit. Interesting innovations include:

Scalp treatment and specific hair care as the new frontier on anti-aging with brands like POLA or MIZELLA.

The development of cosmetics ecommerce and specialty retail are meant as well to take an active role in product education and development. The monthly subscription of Scent bird enables consumers to discover new products every months. The Scent Library has already 50 shops in China and creates attractive yet affordable perfume lines for Chinese consumers.

Packaging is also an important of innovation with new concepts of decoration, cavity or internal texture such as the bottle developed by Cent degrés in partnership with In’pressive.


And China?

The 2016 China Beauty Expo gathers many Chinese brands, suppliers and manufacturer; Today, they are mostly mimicking their Korean, Japanese and Western counterparts with relative success. However, the opportunity is there. As Elie Papiernik from the agency Cent Degrés mentioned it, “the future belongs to fast movers”.

For more detailed insights about Asian beauty, do not hesitate to contact us:
Genevieve FLAVEN, managing partner of Style-Vision Asia
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Sources : Cent degrés, Information & inspiration, Outin Futures

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