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Mood Report 2016


Created and developed by Style-Vision since 2002, the Mood Theory© is an alternative segmentation model that segment individuals according to their Personality and Tastes.

Every two years, Style-Vision takes a snapshot of the moods of 4800 consumers from Asia, Europe and Americas to detect the changes in their emotional and sensorial profiles influenced by their environment

The 2016 report is now available and reveals some significant shifts of the younger consumer values and preferences that marketers and designers should keep on tracking in the coming years.

5 YEARS ANALYSIS (2011-2015)

Let’s have a look at the evolutions of the moods over the last 5 years.
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From 2011 to 2013, the moods of the consumers were focused on present time, instant gratification and security:
The Perfection mood increased by +3%, reflecting the pragmatic search of balance and security in an increasingly uncertain environment.
The Satisfaction mood increased as well by +3% showing the growing importance of instant gratification particularly among the younger generation.

From 2013 to 2015, the moods of the consumers became more focused on experience and fulfillment.
The percentage of the Innovation (+4 %) and Intuition (+2%) moods reached again their levels of 2011.
The Perfection mood continues to decrease significantly (-6%) confirming the adaptation of the consumer values to the growing complexity of the modern society while the Satisfaction mood remains stable at 23%.

For more detailed analysis of the moods, download the report!

The analysis of the moods in January 2016 – despite of certain limits: the composition of the mood panel does not statistically reflect the demographics of the entire consumer population – confirmed interesting evolutions in consumers attitudes, especially among the younger generation (Millennials) that brands, retailers and suppliers should track in the coming year.

Innovation is a core value
Millennials count more ‘innovators’ that the previous generations. Innovators are willing to explore new territories, and are ready to test new things. They look for products and services that inspired them and find value in labels that can be unknown or less advertised as long as they bring novelty and reveal creativity. This evolution will be particularly challenging for recognized brands that need more than ever to demonstrate their capability to invent and renew their value proposal.

Gender neutrality
The moods of young women, especially in Asia and Americas tend to align with the moods of young men. It is probably due to education that tends to become less differentiated between girls and boys. As a result, Millennials tend to comply less with gender stereotypes and increasingly accept diversified expressions of the gender. This means that the gender categorization of products or communication will probably become less relevant in the future. Technology devices or sportswear have already become relatively genderless recently but this may extend to other product categories.

The intuition mood is gaining influence especially in Americas. This mood reflects the search for a more meaningful life. It can takes many forms such embracing social causes, looking for authenticity or a better balance of physical and psychological wellbeing. Brands “with purpose” will certainly benefit from this growing awareness.

Living in the “here and now” has become the norm for the connected generation. Instant gratification, just-in-time services will become more popular than ever. This is not a new trend since the intense usage of smart phones is already a massive phenomenon. The challenge for brands will be to capture the attention of increasingly versatile consumers.

To explore further the evolving moods of the consumers and understand their consequences on your business, do not hesitate to contact us.

Download the report here!
Check your mood: http://www.moodcheck.com/

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